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Fathers to Sons Workshop

Deuteronomy 6:6-7
6 “These words, which I am commanding you today, ... read more


Fathers to Sons - A Journey Through the Bible

The purpose of this seminar is to equip you to begin a journey of discovery with your sons and or daughters. It is not to give you all of the answers. Nor is it to make you smarter. It is to enable you to, with your children, to be able to meet with and get to know better Christ through the Word of God.


The equipment for this journey is a Bible, a blank sheet of paper, this guide, and Christ. The purpose of the journey is not to make you and your sons and daughters experts at Bible Trivia, expert theologians, or even get the right answers. It is to expose you to the entire story arc of the Bible not from reading about it but from personal observation. You can do it. It is not hard. It is not the exclusive realm of those trained in Bible College or seminary. Christ did not choose to fellowship with the religious leaders of the time he chose to walk with Him simple, uneducated fishermen, tax collectors, political radicals, prostitutes, regular people.


Saying that does not diminish the task. We are talking about tackling 66 books individually and as a whole. It seems like a daunting task. Further, we are doing this in the context of meeting with our children. What are some of the questions or barriers that come to mind as we contemplate this?


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The Bible Man to Man

Technically this is not an event. Mike will meet with you one on one to share with you one tool to increase your ability to walk with God in the Word of God. Click here for details.


Fathers to Sons Advanced - Further in the Journey

This seminar builds on Fathers to Sons. It is for those fathers who are walking with their sons in this journey and have encountered issues for which they want further help. This seminar will give men increased tools make their study time more effective as well as equip them to deal with difficult and or disputed topics.


This seminar is in development. Watch this space to see when it will be offered, or sign up for the e-mail blasts to be alerted on when this will be available.


Fathers to Sons Age Appropriate

How do you begin to help your sons in this journey when they cannot read? What happens when they are in that period when they are not really interested in what you are saying? How do you maintain contact when they are in college? What can you do when they are out of school and going through the different phases of life? How do you appropriately walk with them in this journey?

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This seminar is for those who have been through rolex replica the Fathers to Sons seminar and want more help in dealing with their sons in specific age groups.


Sing and Read

When children are young how do you begin to build a foundation for this Journey? Sing and Read is one way Jenny and Mike did this with their children. It is a simple way to involve children in the Word of God.

We are working on how best to communicate this. We are thinking about having groups of families with children in our home or in a small group with children for a meal and then having a sing and read with them to demonstrate this tool. Not sure that is the best way to do this but that is what we are thinking about. If you are interested please send us an email.

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