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Lapse in Devotion
Posted on April 03, 2009

A few days ago I sat down with my journal to meet with the Lord.  I opened it and looked at the last entry, just to orient myself to where we were in the conversation.  To my shock it had been seven days since I had written anything. 

This is not about discipline, nor am I intending to promote the notion that one has to do something each day in order for it to be effective.  It is more of an examination of my heart.  In the past five years, my time with the Lord has been greatly enhanced by writing in a journal.  I have found that it slows me down, which is no mean feat for a type A personality, and helps me to listen more effectively to His still quiet voice.  I am learning that when I take the time to write out my struggles, joys, battles, and triumphs He meets me.  Thus, my time with Him in the journal has become an important if not essential part of our relationship.

When I looked at the date of the last entry I was shocked.  Had it been that long since I had sought His face?  I thought through the week.  It was the week of spring break.  Jenny and I had worked on several projects together that she had wanted me to do for some time.  Since she was not going to school and I was focused on her that week, our normal routine was disrupted.  I had been praying that week.  I had done Bible study in three books, but the reality was that I had not taken time just rest in His presence.  Seven days.
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