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Demanding 3
Posted on August 24, 2010

[Yesterday’s post raised, in some of those who read it, the issue of God’s command to totally wipe out a people – especially infants. It has troubled some of those who have read it. So, we will cover in more detail this issue in a later post.]


The last installment of Saul’s mistrust of the heart of God is in the passage where we started, 1 Samuel 28. To reiterate the context, Saul is facing a huge battle with the Philistines. He is outnumbered. He is desperate for guidance. His mentor, Samuel, from whom he received a harsh rebuke and was estranged, has died. He comes to the Lord but the Lord is silent. So he does what he has done all of his life. He takes matters into his own hands. He seeks out a medium to get the answers that he cannot get from Samuel or God. The desire for answers and guidance is not a problem. The demand for guidance is.


We have seen the pattern of Saul’s life. He has not done well with waiting or dealing with hard situations. He has great leadership initiative. He has a bias for action. He is flexible. He takes charge. But he does so without regard for what his Lord has commanded. He sees issues and engages, but not necessarily within the counsel of the Lord. A lifetime of that behavior has put him in a position where he cannot hear God when most needed.


I identify with Saul on this. The times when I have felt compelled to step in and act in a situation, or to speak to something going on are almost too numerous to recount. I have overstepped my bounds in the interest of getting a problem solved. Good intentions; seldom good results. I have felt time and time again, “If I do not act, who will?” Then I have moved in, like Saul, without the counsel of the Lord. What I am learning is that in those situations I am not trusting God. I have to accept that He is not surprised by the situation, being omniscient tends to dispel His need for my giving Him information. He has purposes in situations that I certainly can “solve,” which I do not know. It may be that He wants me to engage; but it has to be on His schedule, not mine. I have to take the time to ask and wait for an answer.


There have been times that, like Saul, I sought counsel that would give me a quicker answer than waiting on God. I am not trivializing the need for counsel, it is essential. However, there have been times that I sought validation of something that I wanted to do rather than wait for God’s clear direction.


To sum up, when it seems like God is not answering like I think He should:

  • I get angry
  • I get frustrated
  • I choose to go somewhere else for answers (counsel)
  • I take matters into my own hands
  • I do this because I think I am essential


Notice how often “I” shows up in that fake rolex list? Perhaps that is the issue here. Like Saul, I have put my needs and desires central rather than God’s.


PS. One of the things that we really covet is your prayer for this ministry. We send out on Mondays a weekly intercession request. If you would commit to pray for us please click here to join our intercession team.


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