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A Question
Posted on December 24, 2008

I need your help. Some things happened this week that made me begin to think through some issues on which I do not think I have a great handle.


It started with a computer issue. The details are not important. Dell dispatched a company to come fix the computer. I have a service agreement that provides for onsite service within 24 hours. I was told Monday that the technician would come on Tuesday. Later that afternoon I got a call from the technician. He asked if Wednesday or Thursday would be better for me. I told him that was not the deal, he explained that his boss wanted him to work in Beaumont and he couldn’t get to me. I told him that was not his problem and I would talk to Dell. After emailing Dell, he called back and told me he would be there at 11AM on Tuesday.


An hour later he called back and asked if he could come after 5. I told him sure and he thanked me for my flexibility. Fast forward to 3 PM Tuesday, he calls and tells me that he is still in Beaumont and will not be able to get to FedEx to pick up the parts so he won’t be coming. I am now officially angry. I told him I was not surprised. He told me he would call first thing in the morning. Fast forward to 0830 Wednesday and he calls asking if he can come in the afternoon, I ask why he can’t come now and he tells me that he booked another appointment before me. I am now moving from angry to enraged. I remind him that he blew me off the night before and he responds with some weak response, I hang up after telling him to come whenever his little heart desires.


That day there was another situation that is similar, that makes me really angry. 


Then I try to have some time with the Lord.


It is a bit difficult since I am so torqued. The Lord and I start having a conversation. “Why are you so mad?” (I am embellishing it a little usually these things happen with one word or scripture that comes to mind.)


“Because, these people promised to do something for me and they did not do what they said and I had already paid for it.”


“Have you read Philippians 2 lately?”


So I turn to Philippians 2 and review it. You know the passage. We are exhorted to have the same mind as Christ and to look out for others interests and regard them as more important than ourselves… rats. I hate it when I have to deal with passages like this.


So as I am praying through this it becomes clear that these events have touched a deeply wounded place in me. It is the place that still carries the scars from the betrayals that I have gone through. So what do I do now?

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The clear message of Philippians 2 is that we are to treat others as more important. That is reinforced by Romans 12, and Matthew 5:44. So what does that mean for me? How do I respond Biblically to those who have betrayed me and those who will? How does that translate into business practice? How do I live this out? I do not have answers here, I think I am still working on the right questions.  What do you think?

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