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Posted on August 16, 2010

Do you ever get distracted? It happens to me a lot, especially when I am coming in the presence of God to re-engage for the day. This morning Psalm 71 was on my schedule. Reading through it, about half way through, I was halfway done planning a project to scan all of the negatives and slides I have from my time in the Air Force… I had pictures in my mind of where all the negatives were… The old camera box is on the shelf in the closet under the stairs, and I think the slide storage box is there as well…I will need to get all of the slides out of the carousels… oh, there are a couple of negatives in the safety deposit box… I wonder where the disc negative is of that picture Ranae likes so much… It is sure a good thing that this scanner will scan negatives into pictures I can preserve all of this digitally… I probably should scan all of the pictures hanging in the house of the family… what if we had a fire… Isn’t Psalm 71 great!

About ¾ of the way through the Psalm I realized what was going on. Here I was standing before the Lord to worship, rather than falling to my knees and drinking deeply. I was out in the toolie bushes gathering serious wool. What was that about? I stopped and prayed for focus and clarity and started over… This morning was a real struggle.

That happens to me a lot. Ideas are important to me, the picture project, not so much, but concepts about ministry and Bible, a lot. I have inappropriately used ideas in the past to gain acceptance, to construct a self worth. What I am learning over the past several years is that the enemy knows this about me. When I come to the Word, he throws a tsunami of ideas at me. Great ideas. Ideas that I have to capture. So I spend my time trying to remember them all and not before the throne. I am learning that I have to trust God with those ideas. That is, I ask him to bring back those I on which I need to focus. I am learning to let the others go. That is hard for me.

It may not be ideas for you, but if you are attempting to spend time with the Lord, you can count on the enemy trying to distract you. What have you found effective to deal with his distractions?

PS. One of the things that we really covet is your prayer for this ministry. We send out on Mondays a weekly intercession request. If you would commit to pray for us please click here to join our intercession team.

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