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Posted on March 07, 2011

Reading in Psalm 18 this morning, I did not get much past verse 1 – does that happen much with you? When you read do you allow the Lord – or do you find the Lord stopping you on a particular passage or thought? In the past I have resisted that or better blown right by the check in my heart. I am learning to stop and listen; to pay attention when my reading is arrested by His nudges…


Anyway – the context of this Psalm is around I Samuel 21. David has been anointed king, has killed Goliath, Saul has turned on him, and has determined to kill him.


The interesting thing to me on boundaries here is that even though Saul has been displaced and rejected in God’s sight from being king, David anointed to take his place, and brought to the court to serve; David does not take or claim the throne from Saul. Rather, David waits on God to deliver what God has already assigned to him, refusing to “stretch out his hand against God’s anointed.�


The story continues with David running from Saul, arming himself against attack, and hiding in caves from the determined pursuit of the enraged and diminished king. Puzzling and difficult example to apply, at least for me. Here is one who though rightfully king, does not demand the position and even defends the displaced monarch. Yet his submission to that authority has limits. He protects himself from the assaults of the one whom he has been chosen and anointed to replace.


Reflecting on this, it seems to be a nearly impossible assignment. Replace this king who is trying to kill you, yet do not counter his authority or take the throne, while defending yourself from death by his hand and preventing others from killing him. Makes my head hurt.


The only way that David was able to do this successfully, is through God’s grace. This seems to perfectly describe the tension of 1 Corinthians 15:10. I pray that when I find myself dealing with authority askew, the Lord will grant me this level of grace.


PS. One of the things that we really covet is your prayer for this ministry. We send out on Mondays a weekly intercession request. If you would commit to pray for us please click here to join our intercession team.

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