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Starting with Meat

Great. I am really glad that you chose to come here. So to it…

I would guess that the main reason most of us do not engage in digging into the Word is that we do not know how to start. We may have been told that we need to ask questions of the text but really do not know what questions to ask. There are multiple levels of ways to dig. I am going to suggest that you start with one verse. If you master this process, tool, method, whatever you wish to call it, it will serve as a key to opening up literally unlimited opportunities in the Word of God for you.

I am going to suggest that you start this process with one verse that you probably know really well, John 15:5. You have probably heard multiple sermons on this verse, you may have been in multiple Sunday schools that covered it, you may have even been in Bible studies that covered the verse, you may have it memorized. That’s great. Do this anyway.

Click here to download the form that you will need. Read through the form briefly and then come back here. You notice that there are eight steps to the process. Do them all to the best of your ability. Do not worry about getting the “right� answer. There is no expectation on how much time you invest in this. You can do this in 3 minutes, or 3 hours, your choice. Obviously, you will get more out of it the more time you invest.

Once you are done, I will be more than happy to process this with you. If you live in Tulsa or close by, we may be able to do that in person. If you live outside the Tulsa area, Skype or the phone will probably be the best option. In any case click here to notify me that you would like to interact on this and we will figure that out. I am eager to hear how this went for you. Oh, make sure you give me your contact info in the email so I can get back to you.

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