What are the correct operations of Tudor high replica watches after flooding

If you don't have the habit of taking regular care of your Tudor high replica watches, most of them will have a very serious problem after using them for a period of time, that is, their watches are flooded. The initial performance is often not particularly obvious, only some relatively small foggy feelings occur, but once the foggy feeling occurs, it often means that the sealing performance of your watch has already had a problem. If you do not hurry up, If the sealing performance of the watch is overhauled, your watch will be completely flooded if it encounters some serious moisture in the future.

(1) Send for repair immediately to replace the waterproof rubber ring. This step is the most important link after discovering that your Tudor high imitation watch has been flooded. Go to a professional store to replace the waterproof rubber ring, and when replacing the waterproof rubber ring, you also need to do some maintenance simultaneously. It is best to be able to The inside of the watch has enough plot to ensure that the moisture that has entered will not leave traces in the watch.

(2) Internal cleaning must be done by professionals. If you have confirmed that you need to change the waterproof rubber ring in the shop, you can ask them to directly open the dial of the Tudor high imitation watch, remove each electronic component fake watches, and after cleaning, they will re-add oil and replace your watch Restore.